The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Comparative Essay

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Having recently finished reading John Boyne’s “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas”, and additionally viewing the movie, we have been asked to create a comparative essay and to explain which form of the story we prefer. To summarize, the story is set in Nazi Germany, about a young German boy, Bruno, who moves from Berlin to Auschwitz, and befriends a Jewish Boy named Shmuel. The cripplingly emotional story is definitely a tear-jerker. It is well researched and descriptive and overall, very enjoyable. In this essay, I will be comparing the character development and portrayal, plot, setting, and emotional impact, between the two mediums to ultimately aide me to select which portrays the story better, using evidence from the text and my own thoughts…show more content…
Unfortunately though, many scenes that I thought were extremely vital to the plot and character development were cut out. For instance, the scene in the book where Bruno discovers lice in his hair and has to get it all shaved off. When Shmuel sees Bruno’s shaved head, I think it marks the beginning of a deeper connection between the two boys; it acts as a crucial foundation for a meaningful friendship, something that I felt didn’t really happen in the movie, due to a rushed plot line and missing scenes. Overall, the movie was just very different in terms of pacing, mostly because, of course, books and movies are intended to be enjoyed in different lengths of time. Another scene I felt was really important, that was omitted from the movie, was when Hitler comes over for dinner. That helped the reader to understand that the threat is constant and present and mean. The movie doesn’t display how close the family really is to the evil. And the lesson we learned from Eva, was that being around evil doesn’t make you evil. I think the movie just lacks many things I really enjoyed from the book, leaving me with only a few basic essentials to enjoy the movie

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