Manipulation In Fied By M. T. Anderson's Feed

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“To all those who resist the feed,” ( M.T.A) But this begs the question: Do they ever successfully resist the feed? Though characters like Violet and Titus are aware of the feed’s Corrupt and evil ways toward the populous, they find that, they too are guilty of perpetuating this new order of society. In M.T. Anderson’s novel Feed, the feed becomes so preeminent, that it imprisons its consumers and consumes them—body and mind. In the end, it is terrifyingly clear that the feed is not dependent on ous for its lone survival, but in turn, we are dependent on the feed. Over the course of the novel, we see that the feed has become another bodily function, it has become an instinct. The feed is so planted in the characters’ minds, all of their dreams, desires, and emotions are influenced by it. For instance, in the start of the book, Titus is relaxing in his upcar, when he is interrupted by the feed “ There's nothing but the feed telling you, This is the music you heard. This is the music you missed. This is what is new. Listen.” (5) Titus just shrugs this off, as if he hears this type of advertisement in the upcar all the time. In science, this is a form of brainwashing called emotional manipulation, emotional manipulation is a type of social influence when said enough aims to change the behavior or perception of others…show more content…
“To all those who resist the feed” (M.T.A), this quote is take right before the book starts, like a little treat for the reader, but this lets us to think why its there. The neuro implant such as the feed is very similar to our phones, our phones are very addicting and as time goes on they are becoming ever closer to our body. Knowing that, we can assume that M.T Anderson is saying in other words, To all those we successfully have resisted our phones and have picked up a book instead, once again pointing to dependence on these

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