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Science Portrayed in Popular Culture: Ethical Issues Related to Scientific Advancements There are several films that contain scientific advancements yet challenge ethical and religious beliefs. The films "Gattaca", "Splice", and "Frankenstein" have a common theme. The theme in all three of these movies is the creation or manipulation of human life. More concerned with the manipulation of human life, "Gattaca" is about DNA's role in determining one's social status and selecting specific genes to create an ideal individual (The New York Times, 2009). "Splice" is about scientists who produce new creatures or organisms by splicing together multiple strands of DNA (Hollywoodstreams, 2010). Also regarding the creation of life, "Frankenstein" is…show more content…
"Gattaca" displays the scientific advancement of genetic engineering. Genetic engineering refers to the "direct addition, deletion, or intentional mutation of an organism's DNA sequence to produce a desired effect" (Bohlin, 2000). According to Hay (2014), Genetic engineering is displayed throughout the clip of the film as one of the two children are conceived through genetic manipulation. The parents use genetic engineering to conceive their second child who is genetically superior to their first child, who is not genetically engineered (The New York Times, 2009). Therefore, the major scientific advancement in the film is the possibility that humans have the ability to select specific characteristics for an organism to ensure they possess the best characteristics. "Through genetic engineering, organisms can be given targeted combinations of new genes-and therefore new combinations of traits-that do not occur in nature and, indeed, cannot be developed by natural means" ("What is Genetic Engineering", n.d.). Genetic engineering conflicts with ethical and religious beliefs that God is the creator of all life and that He created all humans with specific, unique characteristics in the image of God. Manipulating an organism's DNA sequence goes against God's plan and will for…show more content…
The film "Frankenstein" presents a scientific advancement with an ethical issue. "Frankenstein" displays the scientific advancement of the possibility that humans possess the ability or power to create human life. Based on the clip, Victor Frankenstein shouts "It's alive! It's moving! It's alive! In the name of God, now I know what it feels like to be God" (Pzmyers, 2006). Claiming that one "knows what it feels like to be God" presents an ethical issue from a religious perspective. "There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God" (Samuel, 2.2). Based on the previous verse from the bible, it is evident that seeing oneself as being equal in strength and power to God is unethical. In addition to God being the sole creator of human life, it is impossible to state that one possesses equal power to

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