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A. Attention Getter- According to data published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics at at the end of 2013 Illinois was housing 48,653 inmates when the capacity is 32,075. B. Tie to the Audience –. Imagine if you make a bad decision one day and find yourself in an overpopulated jail. The problem may not affect you today, but one day it could possibly affect you or someone close to you because every day people tend to mess up in life every now and then. C. Credentials – I feel that I am qualified to talk about overcrowding jails because I have a coworker who spent a few years in jail. He told me about the how the number of people affected the inmates tremendously so I decided to do some research on it and I found out that everything…show more content…
Thesis/Preview – Today I would like to talk about how lack of privacy from overcrowding can exacerbate mental and physical health problems, increase the rate of violence, and restrict opportunities for inmates to participate in self-improvement. Body A. Main point one- First, I am going to discuss how overcrowding jails can affect the inmate’s health. Spreading of sickness is a major problem for inmates and guards. According to the article “ The problem of jail overcrowding” on, rates of illness can be 100 times higher in jails than in the civilian population. The inmates housed in an overcrowded jail has a higher chance of having high blood pressure, and inmates housed in smaller jails are usually in better health because they have more access to clinics. Not only can it affect physical health, but it can also affect mental health because for many of the inmates family visits are the only thing that gives them hope. Due to the increasing numbers placed in jail causes visiting time to decrease and visitors waiting several hours just to see their loved ones. Taking time away to visit can cause the inmates to feel frustrated and hopeless. B. Main point two- Not only does overcrowding cause health problems, but it also creates more violence among the

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