1984 By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s 1984 depicts a society where the people are under complete control of the government in every aspect of their lives. 1984 Protagonist is Winston Smith, he is the character the reader identifies with the most. It is through Winston were the reader can understand the innocence of a man in a corrupted society who finds love and happiness. Unfortunately, Winston loses everything he’s fought so hard to keep and it’s all due the government. The government of Oceania operates under psychological manipulation for total control. They bombard citizens with massive amount of a propaganda to over stimulate their minds so that independent thoughts cannot occur. Telescreens are used to watch the citizen’s behaviors and remind them that “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU”. In addition to having control over the mind the party now has control over the bodies of their citizens. The slightest twitch can show deception and your own nervous system can fail you.…show more content…
But what is reality? What is truth and existence? Are the people of Oceania free? John Locke excerpt on Personal Identity defines who a person is as a thinking entity. One can interpret John Locke personal identity to free will and the people of Oceania through consciousness. The True Features of Reality by Kitaro Nishida challenges concepts of reality and knowledge. Nishida presents a picture of reality that exists because of the wonders of consciousness. By offering a philosophical view on the society of Oceania we can further understand “Big Brother” who is the government as well as the citizen of Oceania who cannot leave the extreme oppression the totalitarian government has placed on
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