Block Schedule Advantages

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A block schedule is system of scheduling in which a school day consists of four to five blocks. This can allow for a school year to have a larger number of classes. Block schedules are either used or considered in about fifty percent of all schools in the United States. Block schedules are commonly used in middle and high schools as a way of extending classes while at the same time shortening the amount of classes a person has to take in a day. Block schedules have more benefits than disadvantages. A block schedule is a necessity for schools because it gives students more time to learn new material, it allows teachers to help their students more, and it gives the students more opportunities to take more classes. Block schedules give the ability for students to learn more material in a class. Classes using a block schedule tend to be ninety minutes in length. Block schedules can allow for students to remain in a class for longer periods of time, which gives the students more time to practice the material they are learning. Students can then use the time to figure out the material so they can pass tests. When students pass tests, it makes their teachers, knowing that they are doing a good job at teaching, very happy.…show more content…
Since classes on a block schedule average ninety minutes, they allow the teachers to use the spare time to help out students who really need it. Block schedules also give the teachers more time to go over the material that will be on the test. A student has a better chance of figuring out the material in block schedules because they have more time to ask the teachers questions. The teachers can then go over the material again so that the student will do well on his test. This gives the teacher more confidence that their students will not fail their
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