George Ritzer's Mcdonaldization Of Society

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The Sociologist George Ritzer argues that the relationship between McDonald’s and our society runs deep. Beyond its commercial propaganda and symbolism, Ritzer said McDonald’s is a potent manifestation of the rational processes that define modern Society. The building block of McDonaldization is Max Weber’s concept of rationalization. McDonald’s is perfect example of rationalisation as the home cooked meals that were the most popular in the past, has now been replaced by fast food chains that offer meals of practicality and convenience. Ritzer’s Mcdonaldization is used to describe a sociological phenomenon that is happening in our society. In today’s modern society, trends and technology become such a large part of everyday life. So much so that people start to adopt them as verbs and adjectives According to George Ritzer, in his book The Mcdonaldization of Society, Ritzer believes that Mcdonaldization is “ the…show more content…
Everybody knows that the main selling point of McDonald’s is that everything is labelled as supersized and when products are advertised in such a way the consumer believes that the are getting more value for their money so they don’t care as much about the quality as they do about the quantity. In that case you can also link calculability McDonalization to the education system, students are packed into classrooms without one on one attention. The emphasis is put on the grades you get rather than on what the students are actually learning. Another sector where you can see this factor of McDonaldization is in our health sector, just like in the education system, patients are packed into an already overflowing hospital just so the hospital can receive more money. Calculability reduces the quality of the goods but increases the third factor of McDonalization

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