Comparing Orwell's Macbeth 'And 1984'

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Explore the ways the writers present tyrannical rulers in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and George Orwell’s 1984 The story of Macbeth shows the gradual breakdown of society due to regicide in 11th century Scotland. It was designed as a piece of political propaganda, written just after the failed Gunpowder Plot led by Guy Fawkes. It shows the Tudor Chain of Being destroyed leading to catastrophic effects on nature and the people of that area. The King was God’s appointed and if anyone was to defy or break the bond of order then God will bring hardship and punishment to the land. The audience follows Macbeth on his journey of becoming a tyrant. George Orwell with Nineteen Eighty Four hand has created a world, which is completely destroyed from…show more content…
The reader is unsure on whether he is a good honest man or an evil tyrant. We see this conflict of description in act 1 scene 1 the witches ‘meet with Macbeth’ this already shows an association with evil from the beginning. Especially since they had met in ‘thunder and lightning’ which is pathetic fallacy. In the next scene we hear about Macbeth's heroism during the battle against Macdonald. This account of the battle seems to glorify his brutality and aggression ‘his sword smoked in bloody execution’ but we also see undertones of his barbaric nature, ‘he unseamed him from the nave to ‘th’ chops.’ Describing that even when faced with a defeated man, Macbeth still executes the rebel in such a gruesome and gory fashion. Showing a complete lack of remorse and suggests the beginnings of a tyrannical character. Then when the Norwegians had sent their assault while all the soldiers were recovering and worn out from the previous battle Macbeth was still ready for the action. This shows he truly has the heart of a warrior and almost finds the whole atmosphere of the battle addictive and electrifying. ‘as sparrows, eagles or the hare the lion’ Telling us that the new challenge scared Macbeth and Banquo as much as the sparrows frighten eagles or rabbits frighten lions. They were ready to fight on even if no one else around them was. ‘As cannons overcharged with double cracks’ They fought this enemy twice as hard and with twice as much force as they had done before. ‘bathe in reeking wounds’ This shows the amount of damage Macbeth has done on the Norwegians. This quote also emphasizes the blood lust Macbeth has as he is showing a cold detachment from humanity and cares not for the huge number of men he is killing. Macbeth is described as the ‘God of War’ a loyal hero but with an unnerving underling sense of ruthlessness. On first viewing he lives up to the evil association with the Witches. His first words

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