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Problems with Alcohol in College For students in college, it can be the best time period of their life. It can also be very dangerous. With alcohol involved may things are up for risk including the different effects that alcohol can produce. Students need to be safe and smart about consuming alcohol especially with many variables around them. Some schools are even known for their large amount of partying. Students need to focus on school more than anything while they are enrolled in college. Alcohol abuse happens very often on college campuses and can endanger the students and people around them. While drinking students should make their own drinks so they know how much alcohol they have consumed, and so they can pace themselves. Alcohol can…show more content…
We would like to think that most of the students be safe about it and control what they can control, but in most cases that is false. The problem with college drinking is not actually consuming the alcohol, it’s what happens when students excessively consume it. Statistically about 4 out of every 5 students in college drink. Each year the number differs on what happens to some students that go beyond there alcohol limit. Because of this, about 25% of students in college state that they have academic failures due to drinking including poor grades on exams or papers, and missing class. Each year, around 600,000 students get into a serious injury while under the influence of alcohol. Not only is this a large number for 1 year, it happens at almost every campus every weekend. Alcohol can cause students to do things that they normally wouldn’t and that they would regret. During the weekends about 700,000 students are involved in being assaulted by another student who has been drinking. If colleges had more enforcement near the scenes of drinking this number could drop dramatically. We would like to think that most students chose their college to get a degree, but some actually choose it for a different reason:

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