Cause And Effect Essay On Binge Drinking

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Most students involve in binge drinking because of a habit that has been entrenched in campus. Apparently, new students often go through an orientation process that makes them to become encultured in the ways of campus. For instance, some campus practices have established an unwritten rule that demands that when a student attains the age of 21 years, he/she must take 21 cans of alcohol (Harvard School of Public Health 5). Therefore, student who attain placement in such universities will be demanded to involve in binge drinking so as to gain acceptance. Those who show resistance to the habit are victimized, with some being labelled stereotypes that are meant to demean them. Binge drinking has several effects on students. Basically, such drinking has been associated with college suicides. Besides, premature deaths as a result of drunk driving…show more content…
In a typical case, a student died as a consequence of climbing a cliff and falling afterwards. Therefore, it becomes evident that students can easily exaggerate their abilities due to binge drinking. The criminal tendencies in the society can be credited to binge drinking. When students are not well nurtured at the university, it can make them to believe that crime is part of their life. The act of rebellion that students try to exhibit at the university can make them to extend it to the mainstream society when they graduate. Therefore, the high cases of crime in the society may have their genesis at the university during the binge sessions. In addition, students can easily miss classes when they involve in binge drinking. The damage that is caused on the body as a consequence of binge drinking is enormous. Besides, statistics indicate that injuries associated with such drinking are immense. Cases of assaults also increase, since binge drinking sessions can turn aggressive when conflicts arise due to

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