John Douglass: The History Of Racism In America

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Slavery, segregation, whipping, bloody… those are what come into my mind speaking of blacks in America. The history of racism has not only been a history of resistance, rebellion and transformation, but also a realistic portrayal of how Negroes pursue their America dream—a dream from the racist exclusion to attain the full rights of citizens, which was originate from Douglas ’s narrative. To begin with, Douglas’s narrative illustrated the feature of a hierarchy based on the south plantation. There is no doubt that race determined the black society sitting at the bottom of the social pyramid while the black slaves were the humblest in their stratum. Slaveholders were at the pinnacle of the southern society, a sense of superiority and power fueled them with a paternalistic rules to segregate the slaves from the normal society. In Douglas’s narrative, a tarring fence demarcated the slaves from the others: Inside the garden was the normal higher-rank of the society, while outside were the slaves. In the society, they tolerated the racial and capital diversity,…show more content…
In , John Locke(1690) expounded that “The labour of his body, and the work of his hand, we may say, are properly his”. Slaves’ labour removed the fruit and everything inside the plantation out of the “common state”, so there property was fixed on themselves. However, planters’ ruthless exploitation was completely a breach on that principle. Actually, they were never allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor in a cruel gesture and constantly kept hungry. Planters never treated slaves as human, valued animals more than their slaves for “Lloyd never mistreated horses”, that is why they denied civil rights to slaves and they took their harvest for

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