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there are many benches anticipating chance of being the only child in the family. some families have more than 3 to 4 kids and they all raise their kids differently and Waze so that they can adapt to the environment in the household. there are many perks of being the only child in the family. When growing up you learn how to fend for yourself better and take care of yourself without being dependent on friends or family members. many people also did not like being compared and being the only kid completely eliminates that as your parents but only compare your mistakes on your wrongdoings to your own ones.but there are also many disadvantages that come with being The only child in a family.The little temper syndrome first the Chinese situation…show more content…
Being a middle child you have the ability to Lilo in many circumstances for example in school your parents would be more focussed on your older brother are younger brother to really be bothered about how great you were doing in school. there is less pressure on you from your parents not only when it comes to school work but when you go out or do extracurricular activities. You also learn how to become very independent as when you were young you probably prefer playing with yourself when you grow older you learn how to take care of yourself better. while growing up you always have an example there for you to fall whether it be from your younger or from your older sibling as they have either experience or you could teach them the many obstacles they would face or learn from the obstacles that they have face in life. A few disadvantages of being the middle kid. You have to constantly send example for the younger sibling in your family for example going out to play with younger brother or playing video games in front of them and making sure that you aren't on the TV for two wrong so they know what your limits are. A lot of kids also see being a middle child as being forgotten in the family. There are many reasons as to why the child could feel like this for example your parents would most likely be too busy taking care of the younger siblings are constantly yelling I try to correct the older sibling and sometimes they might

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