Personal Narrative Fiction

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Tin, tee. The light sound of the clicking of melt hitting melt echoed in the quietness. A head-lamp casting a glow into, an otherwise dark room. Goggles covered the person eyes as they worked. Putting the copper melts together. The fingers worked as if there was no need to think. The prices made up, what look like could be, some kind of odd puzzle. The figure had a hood on cover most of their face, the cloth was a gray that stopped around the knees. Light filled the room as the door was open. The figures stop, frozen for a moment, before the body they belong to turned around. “Kapri?” The voice said. It belong to a female. Her gray dusters coat, matched with a high pair of black boots, covered in pockets. Skinny pants, with a gold cloth…show more content…
“Fine, but I have to be back before sun rise.” “Deal!” A smile grow across his face, showing dimples that Lynix like how so much, jumping up he held open her bedroom door. “After you m’lady.” “Thank you good sir.” She play along. They walked down a hall filled with door after door. A few photos here and there but mostly wooden squares filled this hallway. Sounds of talking, laughing and clicking; told Lynix it was the weekend. Four more days until her seventeenth birthday. Thump! Kapri stumbled, knocked off his feet for a few. Red hair was hanging over him. Arms and legs wrapped around him. “Hello, Harper!” “Ello’ soon to be older then me girl.” The two girls are the same age for all but one month, exactly one full month. She usually picked on me that whole month. Calling me old lady, advancing in years. Remembering when I turned thirteen. Harper and her couldn’t wait to be teenagers. That morning she ran into Lynix’s room, flopped right on top of her. “How does it feel?” her young eyes filled with hope. “The same.” She said. Disappointment filled her eyes. Thinking that they we would change somehow, feel different or…show more content…
For a moment I imagined I was flying. Right of this cliff, over the water and up into the clouds. The free feeling of being anyway be here. A burst of laughter pulls me from my thoughts, glancing over I see a group standing around a fire pit. Among them was Juju he has light brown skin and dark dreadlocks reaching halfway down his back. His outfit is all black excepted for silver buttons and bright red goggles sitting on top of his head. He’s about two years old than me and the only person under the age of forty who knows how to fly. Knowing I didn’t pass the test to learn to fly was, well simply putted, disappointing. Flying was my dream, in the past, seeing that you only get to take it once then never again. “Lynix!” Harper sings, wrapping her arms around me. “You’ve been all work, no play.” “It’s backwards that you can’t fix that watch.” Kapri said. “Yea’ totally…” “What did you say?” I asked, cutting Harper off, looking at Kapri. “It’s backwards…” “How could I be so stupid?” Shoving my cup at Harper, why hadn’t I thought of it before? Putting the pieces in exactly the same but backwards. Probably the only way I haven’t tried. Pulling out a notebook from my dusters coat, I find a blank page. The pen clipped to the pages is already drawing the parts of the watch. Lost in my own thoughts, figuring out what goes where. I began to walk

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