Why Is Grit Important To You Essay

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Success “Grit is doing what you don't want to do, to be what you want to be” (Josh Irby). Grit helps people persevere, gives one courage and will help one become more successful in life. Grit is not necessary to have but in the long run it is undeniably worth your while. Someone with the trait grit will never surrender on something they really want. Grit will make someone work hard at something if they want to get it done. A famous actor once said, “I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not get out worked… You're getting off first, or i'm going to die” (Will Smith). An example of people with grit are pro athletes. Do you think they got where they are now by quitting when they were in pain? Athletes have to keep working hard to stay at top so they won't be replaced by someone better. It's a no brainer. No one wants to do something they don't want to do,…show more content…
Courage is what you need to be successful. If people are afraid to try something or question something they will never be successful. Failure is necessary for learning. In the youtube video, The Power of Belief, Josh Waitzkin, chess champion and martial arts champion said, “The greatest thing that had ever happened to me is losing my first national chess championship.” He said this because this made him work harder and learn from his mistake of thinking that he was gifted and that he didn't have to work hard to be the best. Trying knew things is hard to do especially if someone has never done it before. That is exactly what Josh Waitzkin did. He never had any experience with martial arts but he found it interesting and wanted to try it and master it. Waitzkin had the courage to go out for it and the grit to try and get better. Waitzkin ended up winning two martial arts championships. It takes a lot of courage to try out new things because you will fail but it's only failure if you don't learn from your

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