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Informative Speech Outline Draft. Ismail Ait Benali Professor Houki Naziha Public Speaking (COM 1301) 21 october 2015 Dogs: Human’s Best Friends Topic: Gaining dog’s trust Specific Purpose: To inform my How to Gain Dog’s Trust by following five main steps Central idea: Calmness, respecting dog’s space, getting on their level, letting them come to you, and finally going for a walk are five main steps to earn dog’s trust according to the self-taught dog behaviorist Cesar Millan I. Introduction: A. I got bitten by a friend’s dog and it changed the way I see dogs. B. The purpose of this speech is to inform my audience how to get a dog to trust you in order to defeat the dog’s anxiety. C.…show more content…
I have read many dogs articles, and have done several researches on the internet. E. I chose this topic because I have many friends who are afraid of dogs, and based on the audience analysis, 50% of the audience has this problem, so this speech could help them overcome their fear from man’s best friend. F. The speech will focus on five steps to gain dog’s trust: calmness, respecting dog’s space, getting on their level, letting them come to you, and finally going for a walk. Transition: Now, let me show you how to get a dog to trust you by following these five easy steps. II. Body: A. The first step is to control your calmness before greeting a dog. 1. Approaching a dog with an exited state of mind can leads to an unwanted greeting. 2. Speaking loudly during the meeting can also get the dog exited, which can create accidents. Transition: After staying calm, you should respect the dog…show more content…
When two human strangers meet, they introduce themselves and shake hands, so the same thing with dogs but in a different way. 2. During this stage, you should still respect the “no touch, no talk, no eye contact” technique. 3. You should always approach a dog from the sides and never from the front. Transition: Now, to determine the success of the previous steps, the dog will let you know if he or she is interested or not. D. Letting the dog come to you and not the opposite determine the dog’s state of mind. 1. If the dog sniffs your hand and stays calmly in place, then you can pet him. 2. If the dog turns his head away or doesn’t pay any attention, it’s just not interested. Transition: Finally, if the dog accepts you, take him for a walk. E. Walking the dog seals the deal. 1. While walking a dog, you should remain calm, so the dog feels safe with you. 2. If the dog is exited and pulls you, stop until he get relaxed and calm then continue. Transition: To conclude, I would like to share with you a story about my friend Ayman who hated dogs because he thinks that they always bark at him. III. Conclusion: • So, today, I showed you five important steps to gain dog’s trust 1. Stay

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