Becoming After My Father's Divorce

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During the recent years I’ve spent switching from house to house with my mother and sister, I’ve lost the definition of what truly defines the individual I present today, myself. Before the sudden shift, I was a shy, quiet student who minded his own business around others and tried not to stir commotion or attention to himself, but obviously, as one may predict, that wasn’t the case after I was forced to leave my father’s house with my financially crippled, single mother. At the time, I didn’t realize how affected I was about to become after my mother and father’s divorce. As time went on, my attitude altered negatively because I felt betrayed by my father and felt as if the father figure and advise I grew up knowing from him was just completely…show more content…
During the end of my second year in high school, I started to realize what kind of trail I left behind me. At that point, I began to hate myself, avoid close friends, and question my morals and values as a human being in society. I spent most of my third year slouched and with my head kept down as the weight of my guilt piled over my head thinking I wasn’t going to be able to change the person I was becoming. At home, I wanted to forget about the world I lived in, so I spent most of my time in front of a television screen playing video games. I didn’t want help for myself because I was taught as a child that anyone could control their emotions if they tried hard enough. Who taught me that you may ask? My father taught me that discipline of life. There was a large mental debate over who I was anymore. Who was I to believe the morals of a man who taught me to respect women when he himself left my mother for another woman in a different country? Despite the situation, what I see here is that I had the inner voice inside me kick in during such a low point, and I can use my share my experiences to others who feel like they were met with a similar

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