Does Sacrifice For His Son Survive A Perilous Journey?

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The novel explores the hope and sacrifice of a father for his son to survive a perilous journey. The man ultimately sacrifice himself to make sure his son survive the journey. The hope of humanity lives within his son and the man’s willingness to sacrifice everything for his son’s survival. He taught everything him how to protect himself danger and to find food to stay alive. The story starts with an unknown apocalyptic event affected the whole world. It created a setting of dark, cold and terrifying atmosphere for the human inhabitants to survive. The two main characters consists of the man who is protective and resourceful. He gave a pistol to his son and showed him how to shoot it. He also scavenged food and supplies to keep the two of them alive throughout their journey. The boy on the other hand, shows fear in the beginning but becomes hopeful for the future after surviving the journey without his father. As they travel on the road, they encountered gangs of…show more content…
He then meet a man and his family who offered to take care of him. We may never know what’s their intention to the boy is or what’s going too happened to him. But the father did an amazing job teaching his son to defend and survive on his own. When the boy meet the other man, he was reluctant to leave his father behind. But changes his mind later, after the man told him that his one of the “good guys”. Before the boy joined the man and his family, he went back to his dead father and told him he would never forget him no matter what happened. It showed the boy is hopeful for the future, but never forgetting the sacrifice of his father. As the boy walk towards the family, a woman approached him and told him that she was glad to see him. The boy told her about his father’s death and a promise to never forget about him. The woman tried to comfort him as they joined the rest of the

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