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In the first Santa clause movie, Scott Calvin is an insolent, divorced businessman whose ex-wife gives him little to no contact with his son Charlie. On Christmas Eve, Calvin unexpectedly startles a jolly old man dressed as Santa who he believes to be a burglar off his roof and he falls to his death on the ground below. Santa then vanishes leaving his clothing behind in the snow with a note encouraging Calvin to put on the suit. Charlie guilt’s his father into wearing the big red suit, which then magically transports him, his son, the sleigh and reindeer to the North Pole, where he discovers he is now the new Santa clause and he is therefore responsible for distributing gifts to Children throughout the world. Being the cynical man he is, Calvin…show more content…
Clause and save Christmas? Fortunately, for the sake of the Santa Clause story and ultimately Christmas spirit, Scott fell in love with Charlie’s principle, Carol Newman. “The majority of divorced older adults are women, due to their greater longevity, and men are more likely to remarry…researchers have found that some older adults perceive negative social pressure about their decision to remarry (McKain, 1972). These negative sanctions range from raised eyebrows to rejection by adult children (Ganong & Coleman, 2006). (Santrock, 405). Charlie was a teenager when his father opted to remarry, and he still struggled with the idea in principle. However, Charlie’s hostility towards the concept and opposition against marriage for his Dad became worse with the realization that his father had fallen in love with the woman he despised most of all, his high school principal. It soon dawned on Charlie that the main desire he had for his father was his personal happiness and if Ms. Newman made him happy who was he to stand in the way of his Dad’s future happiness. In the movie Scott Calvin, better known by his other persona Santa Clause, would have personally avoided the so called marriage trap, if it was not for the clause and the consequence of losing his job as Santa. This life-altering clause led him to the realization that he could love once again, that there could be marital happiness after divorce, and although his ex-wife was able to find her new love first, he could still found his Mrs. Clause and ultimately his future happiness. In the end when it came to saving Christmas, everybody united together. So what does this mean? Scott found love in the arms of his son’s archenemy his principal and the woman that was anti-Christmas. Miss Newman was able to have her belief in Christmas restored and to find her ultimate happiness in marriage to her very own Santa Claus. Ultimately, the greatest gift came when Charlie was able to find

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