How Did Gerardo Pimentel Changed My Life

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My name Gerardo Pimentel and I was born Guadalajara mexico. I had some toy animals and dinosaurs .Then I started wondering how they would interact with each other so I started watching animal planet gradually I got interested in biology. When was learning about cells and the chemical reactions that happen within them.that got me wanting to know more about chemistry. I watch a cartoon called Futurama listening to the professor explain his crazy inventions. Got me thinking could his inventions actually work in real life.Then I started thinking what else can be possible .For example can life be made through a series of chemical reactions, how does invisible work, could a dragon exist and other topics that branch off the three original thought. I want a career in science because it always got me thinking about the world .…show more content…
Then I was in first grade I got some help in math but no help in English .That led me to do poorly in English. I read at a slow rate compare to my peers I continue to read poorly until eighth grade I had to do my homework on my own I would go to my parents for help they just come to see how far I got on my homework and if I done a little bit they would just have shout to hurry up . They did not know how to read or write in English and my older sister had her own homework to do .Well my dad knew some English but he came home late .I would have a sheet that was for the purpose of seeing how many words I could read in a minute . It was a part of my homework my mom would be there to time me and mark where I stop ,but she could not tell me the mistakes I made other than I skipped a

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