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Over the years, Batman has been improved, renewed, and changed. Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman, was introduced in May 1939, and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. From the earlier comic, there is a scene where a young Bruce Wayne is praying; promoting strongly that he is Christian. The next year, Batman’s side kick is introduced, Robin, or Dick Grayson. Batman’s history has proven to be one of the most inspirational and compelling story yet, but while he has a sad back story he makes more money than imaginable and having Robin at his side helps him. The origin of this masked marauder starts with him witnessing a robber murdering his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. The toil of the situation sends young Bruce into fits of anger and…show more content…
Wayne Corp. was founded in the 17th century, but became an official company in the 19th century thanks to Alan Wayne. Today, in the comic book world of Gotham, Wayne Corporation is in the world’s top ten multinational corporations. Wayne keeps the company modernized and helps it grow. He owns 51% of the company, while his friends and business partners own about 30%. There are over 10 different divisions in the company, ranging from Wayne Aerospace to Wayne Entertainment to Wayne Foods. With the help of his origin story, Bruce Wayne began another life, one that saves the lives of the innocent people in Gotham. He began calling himself Batman, because bats were creatures of the night, and of course, he was a man. With the help of the mask, no one really knew who Batman was, besides a knight in shining armor. Batman’s side kick was introduced into the comic in 1940, almost a year after Batman’s first appearance into the comic scene. Robin Boy Wonder was portrayed by Richard Grayson, whom participated in acrobatics with his family. His parents were killed by the mafia boss in order to extort money from the circus, and he began the life of Robin alongside Batman. He became like a prodigal son to Bruce. As the years went by, Grayson retired as Robin and started hanging out with the Teen Titans. He decided to become a super hero, instead of a side kick and became

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