Comparing The Book 'A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings'

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Josue Pena Professor Diana Wolfe English 1302-112 11 10 2014 The Old Man Among Gabriel Garcia Marquez myths and legends of his childhood stories, he creates a supernatural book “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” illustrating the human responses to life’s events if confronted with the supernatural. Pelayo lives in rural area with his wife and child. While outside cleaning his drenched courtyard, he witnesses a very old man with wings lying face down in the mud. Overwhelmed with fear, Pelayo runs to retrieve his wife to see what she would make of it. After taking moments staring at the old man, both felt in a state of apathy. This is a typical response for most people in such a position. “They looked at him so long and so closely that Pelayo…show more content…
“Tossing him things to eat through the opening in the wire as if he weren’t a supernatural creature but a circus animal” (407). The responses of some people didn’t correspond spiritually, as others would view an angel of god. Instead thru modern living as a human, the people correspond the angel to a captive animal behind wire. Commotion was spoken among the group “he should be named mayor of the world…. Promoted to the rank of five-star general…. Implant on earth a race of winged wise men who could take charge of the universe” (407). Few individuals gazed upon the supernatural, quickly observing how marvelous this old man’s wing statue symbolizes. Spirituality some among the people has attributed the enormous wings as a source of good, divine, wisdom, and strength. Even thou viewed under different perspectives, the peoples interactions were core motivated by selfishness. Although a supernatural representative of god would encourage searching a personnel spiritual meaning, actually in truth as humanity develops modernly, our connection with spirituality…show more content…
Elisenda settled with an idea to fence in the yard and start charging five cents admission to see the angel. By means of human cruelty and greed, the family profits from the old man, while keeping him in a dismal state. The old man demonstrates “His only supernatural virtue seemed to be patients” (409). Even undergoing several challenges, such as stoning of rocks, branding of iron steers, plucking of his feathers, and burden of hope and dreams from the community, does the old man still retain his patients. The large demand to see the angel made both Pelayo and Elisenda miserable and wealthy. Over courses of years does Pelayo finally display some compassion for the old man’s wellbeing, by providing shelter and blanket. This only deed of selfless kindness ultimately heals the old man and thus allows him to leave the family

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