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“It’s a bird,” “It’s a plane” “No it’s SUPERMAN.” “Oh No! It’s Batman, RUN! BAM, SPLAT, KAPOW, D.C. Comics created two legendary superhero’s, Batman and Superman. These two characters share “superhero” status, however they are as different as Night and Day in personality and how they fight injustice. Batman and Superman are both superhero characters created in the 1930’s by D.C. Comics. Both are do-gooders that dedicated their lives to fighting evil. Both were motivated at a very early age to fight evil because of the personal tragic loss of their parents. Batman witnessed the murder of both his parents, making him an orphan at a very young age. As an infant, Superman was put in a spaceship and sent to Earth by his parents because…show more content…
Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, is a human being, therefore he is limited to human strength, speed and hearing and must rely on his financial power and gadgets. Whereas Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman is an alien from another planet that has superpowers, “stronger than a locomotive” capable of “leaping buildings in a single bound,” “faster than a speeding bullet.” How these two characters fight injustice is also very different. Batman has a dark brooding sometimes rude attitude that strikes fear into his opponents. He seeks out to find and defeat his foes mainly his arch nemesis “The Joker.” He is seeking to avenge the death of his parents. On the other hand, Superman has almost a wait and see attitude. He is quick to react to a crisis and save the day. Superman is portrayed as being polite and is mild mannered. Superman’s personality does not strike fear as Batman’s does it is Superman’s superpowers and invincibility that strikes fear in his opponents. Superman must also be constantly aware of his arch nemesis, Lex Luther, as this villains main desire is to destroy Superman by using Kryptonite against him, the only thing that weakens all of Superman’s superpowers. Some say that Batman is SUPERHUMAN, he has human strengths and weaknesses, and he uses gadgets and technology to gain advantage over his foes. In contrast, Superman has

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