Batman Vs Superman Research Paper

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DC Comics is one of the largest and most powerful company operating in American comic book publish, rivaled only by Marvel. They have made numerous well-known heroic characters, some of them turned into household names. One of them is Batman, also known as The Dark Knight, a regular human being that relies on his intellect, physical prowess, martial arts and detective skills, technology, wealth, and an indomitable will to fight crimes. Next, there’s Superman, otherwise known as the Man of Steel, a Kryptonian alien with powers that knows no bounds, from flight, super strength, vision powers, super speed, and many more. Debates have grown regarding who is a better superhero, Batman or Superman, all which ended with different answers. However, I think both Batman and Superman have their own advantages and disadvantages that cause one of them better than the other.…show more content…
Using his wide arsenal of gadgets and technologies, combined with his intellect and detective skills, he has preparations for practically every single scenario there is. He can also put up a fight without his gadgets, as he has reached the peak of human abilities with his training. Batman has also trained excessively on different martial arts, mastering over 127 different types of it, making him the best hand-to-hand fighter in the DC Comics universe. He’s also known to be able to fight under great physical pain, and able to withstand telepathy and mind control. Combined with his high-tech Batsuit that can withstand multiple gunshots, and his own personal Batmobile riddled with weaponry enough to destroy an army of tanks, Batman seems nearly

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