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Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes, is one of the most famous detectives in English literature. The DC Comic book character, Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, was inspired by Sherlock Holmes in that he is a modern vigilante who works with the police and attempts to solve crime. Both Batman and Sherlock rely on companions. Batman has Robin, who helps him fight crime in much the same way as Watson does for Sherlock. Alfred is just like Watson in that they know personal secrets about Batman/Sherlock. Bruce Wayne/Batman has his roots in fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes. Over time, the characters in Batman started to develop characteristics that related back to the Sherlock Holmes stories. Batman and Sherlock make use of their compelling and genius minds to solve crime and cases, both physically and mentally. Sherlock uses his “mind palace” to solve complex crimes, while Batman uses the latest technology as well as his brain to solve crimes. Batman and Sherlock both have analytical minds and mostly rely on observation and deduction. In terms of knowledge, both characters are highly intelligent. Batman is unique because he’s a superhero without powers. A resourceful hero, Batman uses his mind and technology to overcome challenges.…show more content…
Robin’s background in police work goes well with Batman. Robin is like Batman in that they both seek justice without any superpowers. Sherlock’s companion, Watson, was a former army doctor who was injured in combat. Even though Watson doesn’t have police training, he accompanies Sherlock during his criminal investigations. Batman and Sherlock are both loners in that they don’t want to be around certain people. Even though they both didn’t like to be around others, Batman tolerates Robin’s company while Sherlock enjoys the company of

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