Suicide Ethics In Euthanasia

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Study of Suicide Ethics Picture being in unimaginable and dreadful pain. This endless suffering causes people to want to end it all. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. In simpler terms, it is when a patient wishes to die due to a terrible pain or illness, and the doctor kills them as they wish. Euthanasia can be understood as assisted suicide. This action is illegal in most countries. There are many people that believe an action that seems so wrong is actually very right. The painless killing of a patient may seem like the only answer at the time, however the concept of euthanasia proves to be very controversial…show more content…
Assisted suicide is allowed for the “terminally ill”, but it is unsure who classifies as terminally ill. Terminally ill, by definition is, those who have an incurable condition that may result in soon death. The term “terminally ill” can be seen as targeting those vulnerable with disabilities. Disabled people are entitled to be treated just as proper with their life expectancy as other people. The term “terminally ill” is also confused with people in the state of helplessness, but just because someone needs aid in their life, does not mean they wish to not carry on through their life. Mattlin says,” The humane thing to do is help, not presume my life isn’t worth living” (Miller 91). Terminally ill is a phrase used to describe anyone ill with a disease, and this makes a person eligible for assisted-suicide.However, this is extremely degrading to those who wish to live and fight through their…show more content…
Many religious outlooks belief that God has a plan for everyone. This plan includes when each individual is supposed to die and how. Christianity is a major religion that follows this philosophy. The first Christians were Protestants and Catholics. These Christians saw suicide an evil act done against God because a person is interfering with God’s plan. “Calvin condemned the act in all circumstances, stating that life was given only by God and should be taken away only by God” (Carlson-Berne 63). A vast amount believe that suicide in all forms is unethical because it is defying God’s plan for a single person’s

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