Karmen: A Fictional Narrative

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While Kurt wasn't exactly her type, Karmen did enjoy the conversation for the rest of the trip, if only because like any other time, she was flattered by the fact that a man, and a married one at that, was paying her so much attention. It was also a good reassurance that she hadn't gotten too rusty due to those long weeks spent in Reddell and on the plus side, there was something even more priceless to it. She wasn't completely certain of it, but she could notice a change in Duane's mood as she continued to exchange words with Kurt all during the trip. His silence could be taken as him simply being tired after the morning's events, however the subtlety with which he tightened his arm around her and kept her close to him were something she couldn't just pass. It made her…show more content…
Teeth lightly bit on her lower lip at the lovely swat directed to her behind, and as if oblivious to the other couple's presence, she couldn't refrain from replying to his offer to give her more than she had asked for. "Can't wait to see those talents put into practice" she purred with a mischievous look in her eyes, until their conversation had to come to an abrupt end due to a certain woman scowling at the public display of affection. Had she known that Kurt was married from the first moment, maybe Karmen wouldn't have been so eager to ask for a place for her and Duane to stay overnight. Even so, she hadn't expected the woman to be this uptight. The singer had to force herself to keep a poker face when the blondie decided that it wasn't proper for them to sleep in the same room because they weren't married. Everything she had in mind so far was slowly crumbling the more she thought of how much it would affect their stay here if this woman insisted that they'd keep up with the religious or traditional customs of dating and marriage. No. This couldn't be

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