Abigail Reign Of Terror Analysis

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Abigail’s Reign of Terror There are some people that have natural leadership and people tend to follow them out of fear or respect. Abigail is an example of this kind of a person; however, she was an example of using fear tactics to get her leadership and manipulate the town of Salem. This girl was devious and smart, which led to her control over the rest of the girls that had no choice but to follow. Abigail has a manipulative nature and she found a way to take advantage of the girls in order to make them follow her lead. For example, in the beginning of the story Abigail threatened to kill Mary Warren if she told anyone of the things they did with Tituba in the woods. Another thing she did was threaten Betty Parris if she told anyone…show more content…
They had to have been okay actresses, but their fear of Abigail willed them to display the best acts possible. They followed her so intently that Mary Warren for example actually thought that she saw spirits even though she hadn’t. Abigail had a tight grip on all of the girls and they followed and mimicked her every action. When Mary Warren began to say that the girls were lying and pretending to see spirits, Abigail made up some lie and pretended Mary Warren was sending her own spirit at the girls. She claimed there was a cold wind and Mercy Lewis and Susanna Walcott both cried out about how they freezed as they copied Abigail. This continued on and it changed from a cold wind to a yellow bird in the rafters sent by Mary Warren supposedly. Abigail came up with the yellow bird and the two other girls talked about the bird stretching out his claws. Then Abigail copied what Mary said one time and the girls joined Abigail and they all copied her together. These girls were obviously stuck under Abigail’s rule and they had no choice but to follow her lead or face their…show more content…
I have seen people that just have a persuasive nature to them, and they can just get people to do whatever it is that they want them to do. One of my friends actually has that quality where he does something and people naturally follow him. Thankfully he isn’t the devious person that Abigail was. One example of something he did to me that was actually pretty recent was about four weeks ago and I couldn’t drive because of my knee. He somehow convinced me to let him drive my car and buy him his lunch as well. Some people have natural ability of possibly dangerous leadership and can persuade people to do things for them for no good

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