Banning Book Should Be Banned Essay

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One of the conventions of this glorious country is our power to say, write and read. Yet a whole myriad of people are diminishing our access to certain books, and removing them from the library just so that their mask stays on; which seems to be a grave ‘crime’ in itself. Banning books especially ‘books for school children’ puts clamps on learning. According to Scientific American, reading books expedites the removal of stress and also gives readers time to think on what is wrong and what is right. It expands readers’ creativity and helps indulge their thought processes into difficult matters; matters that should be thought about. Stephen Chbosky said, “Banning books gives us silence when we need speech. It closes our ears when we need to…show more content…
This book gave us an insight into ‘real’ China. In this way, a banned book opens a reader’s eyes into what is going on around them. It resuscitates a reader back to life. No book deserves to be silenced. Books are just like humans and like humans, they have their own rights. Books inspire, promote, band together and captivate people to learn. And if people (usually corrupt leaders) are against such ‘holy’ objects, then who is the main enemy? Although some books contain offensive language, racism and obscenity, the matter of the fact is that it is up to the individual, whether to read the book or not. The Times mentioned in an article about banned books that the individual is ‘mature enough’ to make the decision if he/she has chosen a book with racism or obscenity. No one has the right to steal that decision away from the individual. Books should not be banned for the whole society and a single bloke does not possess the right to take away ‘reading

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