Bad Men Stereotypes

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Labels Are For Binders, Not Humans Certain beliefs about a character are not always true. Stereotypes are assumptions of someone based on a particular group of people, such as judging people using factors like religion, skin colour, social status and many others. A person can be portrayed as someone they are not. For instance, a villain can be a hero and vice versa. Kings are seen as a good leader, trustworthy and understanding in the media. In the movie Wreck-It Ralph, these theories are challenged when Wreck-It-Ralph (the bad guy) is actually a good guy who saves Vanellope von Schweetz from King Candy and reveals who, King Candy really is. King Candy does not care about anyone, but himself. The character, King Candy’s attitude is the opposite of a typical king…show more content…
King Candy lied to Ralph about Vanellope, so she would not be able to race in the Sugar Rush race. “I’m not against her. I’m trying to protect her. If Vanellope wins that race, she’ll be added to the Race Roster. Then gamers can choose her as their avatar. And when they see her glitching and twitching and just being herself... they’ll think our game is broken. We’ll be put out of order, for good. All my subjects will be homeless. But there’s one who cannot escape, because she’s a glitch. And when the game’s plug is pulled, she’ll die with it.” (Wreck-It Ralph) He lied so well that it was believable, but the truth is, if Vanellope passes the finish like then everyone will remember who she really is and she would become the leader of Sugar Candy. Kings would not lie to make their people’s lives worst, but King Candy did, just so Ralph would believe him and he would stop Vanellope from participating in the race. King Candy challenges the stereotype of a king because he lied just so he can still keep ruling Sugar Candy. He knows what will happen, if Vanellope finishes the race and he was prepared to do anything to prevent Vanellope from
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