Analyzing Daniel Orozco's Orientation

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Orientation Analyze The story Orientation wrote by Daniel Orozco captures the true spirit of the stereotypical event, by using the lack of dialogue, and the use of humor, repetition. It is coney a sense of workplace alienation. This story is all about the tension between people essential identity, crucial interconnected, and collaboration required of workers. He shows new employee to ropes, it features a deadpan mix of senseless instruction. Orozco describes the absurd work environment, and he shows the readers to see the wide variety of social absurdities that employee can find in the workplace. Orozco gives a lot information about the work expectation and his co-worker’s private life; he has also implied some perspective about bullying in…show more content…
He tends to give more information about his co-workers private’s live than he should. He implied that bullying is still happening everyday in his work, especially is Anika Bloom. He gives direct instruction to the new employee not to speak to Anika Bloom and states, “ Last year, while reviewing quarterly reports in a meeting with Barry Hacker, Anika Bloom’s left palm began to bleed. She fell into a trance, stared into her hand, and told Barry Hacker when and how his wife would die” (Orozco ). This statement implied many things, the first being that Anika is psychic. Truth of Barry’s wife’s death is reported with grim details happened on New Year’s Eve. One must assume by dire instruction not to talk to Anika is because she prediction of Barry’s wife’s death was true, which all the co-worker spread the rumor about Anika and think that Anika may have a hand in Barry’s wife’s death. Futhermore, it implies that Anika maybe lonely because the officer orientation gives explicit instruction for new employees not to speak to her. However, the author also states, “ So unless you want to know exactly when and how you’ll die, never talk to Anika Bloom” ( Orozco ). It's not true because his co-worker Colin Heavely did talk to her and he is still alive. Everyone could be the target for bullied at work not only Anika. For example, Gordon have states, “ An estimated 54 million Americans have been bullied at some point in their career” . This means that bullying at work still happened, it increase everyday and anyone could be the targets at work for other people, they will treat them bad and making fun of them just like kids bullied their peers in school. Gordon also states, “ Employees who are introverted, anxious or submissive are more likely to be bullied at work than those who are extroverted and assertive”. Employees who

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