Examining Gender Roles In The Film 'The Wizard Of Oz'

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The Wizard of Oz is a must see movie with its old effects and classic movie details. It came out in August 21 1939. At that time women’s rights were very limited, they could not vote, do men’s jobs and were not seen as average citizens. The fight for equality still goes on today but the author of the book that the movie was based on was a supporter in woman’s equality and supported the woman’s suffrage act and did many things to strive for equality. With discovering that it was no surprise that in the movie The Wizard of Oz gender roles were almost equal or men were downgraded and almost seen less than woman. You can say that I am a feminist and a feminist as a person who fights for equality for all genders not just females. As said in the…show more content…
She was weak, ditzy, had to be saved by a man and easily fooled by a man. Dorthy in the beginning was running around trying to tell everyone about how the mean lady tried to steal her dog. While she was doing that she was turned down by all the men because they were too busy working on the farm and doing there man things. As Dorthy was walking on the fence of the pig pen she fell in and instead of trying to get herself out she stood there screaming help until a man had to help pull her out. A woman being unable to save herself and having a man have to have always been a classic stereotype that women have to face and that is a perfect example of it. Dorthy also decided to run away and as she is walking away she meets this ‘magic man’ who tells her future. But the magic man is just a phony who steals a picture from Dorthy’s basket of her house to later pretend to be able to see it in his magic crystal ball. Dorthy being a young silly girl was easily fooled by the man and believed him without asking any questions. Women especially back when this movie was made were known to never be as smart as men so of course Dorthy is foolish and gullible enough to believe the spurious

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