Athletic Training Experience

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I came to Otterbein unsure of what I wanted to pursue already changing my major once before I got here from nursing to allied health. The first day I went to my intro to allied health class after it had me thinking did I want to change my major to a field I had not even considered athletic training. I was confused because I was nervous on changing my major again. After talking to my adviser I was told that this class would give the chance to see what athletic training involved since I had never thought of it as a major. The way I got to see what athletic training had to offer was through service learning activities. These activities I was involved in gave me the chance to explore the career field of athletic training. I participated in the Columbus Marathon, Westerville Hunger Heroes 5K and Fun Run, and seven observations. For my observations I observed either a practice or a game of a sports under an Athletic trainer. An individual can sign up…show more content…
I helped the girl walk and get some water and she was fine. After this I was not shy to help anyone that needed no matter how little, ice water, or a bandaid. I will forget this moment I felt like I was getting actual experience and felt like I was making a difference. This made me want to dive in and get to know more about the athletic training field. I want to explore more in depth the responsibilities of an athletic trainer. It made me think of what I would be involved with at the other observations and I could not wait to get started finishing them. Personally for me I feel I learned to believe more in myself that I do have the ability to help other people. I feel I learn to my more proactive than reactive in my experiences with observations. I started out waiting to be told what to do and in the end I felt I would jump in and start helping on my own. This helped me to open up as an individual person even though I still have shy

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