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When I receive my bachelor degree from Muskingum University, I plan on going into the field of Athletic Training. Athletic Training is not the easiest filed to go into. It “encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and intervention of emergency, acute, and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations, and disabilities” (........). In other words, it is a medical field in which helps athletes get back on their feet and back into the game after they suffer from an injury whether the injury occurred in a game or in practice. Athletic training not only involves getting the athlete back in the game physically but also mentality. There are a lot of educational requirements that go along with this occupation. In order to become…show more content…
I asked them a variety of questions about their internship programs. The first thing that I did was I introduced myself as a first year Muskingum student and I explained to them the reasoning or me contacting them and the assignment requirements. I then did a follow up by asking them eight primary questions. As following; what shadowing opportunities do you have lined up for internships? How will you evaluate my performance? How long have you been offering internships? How have you managed internships in the past? What will a typical work day be like? Who will I be working with one staff? Can you tell me about you Athletic training program? How often do you hire for full time jobs? Once I sent the company emails and the questions above, the feedback that I got was fairly positive. One of the first contacts that I got a hold of was with Nationwide Children's Hospital sports medicine. The lady that replied to me was named Meredith L. Doston. She can be contacted at ……... The lady that responded to me was very informational and resourceful. She directed me to their website that allowed me to go deeper into their programs and helped me to get a better understand of what it would be like to go into their program as…show more content…
It is a website that fashioned like Facebook, but only it is not for social media. It is for potential job seekers. The website allows you to get into contact with employers and other people in your field of choice and interact with them. This was an excellent tool in helping me to find people looking to hire and for people running internships. After I applied my information I got a response in about twenty four hours. The lady that responded to me was named Laura Donavan. She claims that she and her staff have come to an agreement with a NCAA Division II university. She was not as helpful as the first two, as she did not give me information that I could use when it comes to athletic training, but was able to give me a little bit of information on their strength and conditioning program. Since they do not have a need for athletic trainers at the time, they are not giving out information. But they are hiring for a strength and conditioning

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