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The OJ Simpson case was about a murder of two people Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Evidence found at the crime scene was at Nicole’s house was that, the two victims were killed by a knife, there were bloody foot prints and bloody animal prints, there were blood drippings on the ground when the murderer was leaving the crime scene as if the murderer had been cut, there was blood on the gate, there was also a bloody glove left at the crime scene, and a hat. After the police went to OJ Simpson house to tell him that his ex-wife had been murdered, when they came to his house they found blood in his Wight Ford Bronco, they also found blood leading to the entranceway of his house, the police decided to hop over the wall in to OJs property without a warrant. On his property, they found a matching glove like the one at the crime scene so they decided to interview him about where he was that night of the murder, at the interview OJ claimed that he was in Chicago they also noticed that he had a deep cut on his finger of his left hand he said that he cut in Chicago on a broken glass.…show more content…
Now where did the evidence collectors mess up? They messed up by, not collecting the blood correctly at the crime scene; you are supposed to let the blood dry before placing it in the plastic bag and they did not do that so the blood was contaminated with bacteria, and the blood at the gate they said that they should have collected it earlier, and the cameras at the crime scene were distracting to them so they couldn’t focus on the evidence, and the testing at the lab were so sloppy that it also messed up the crime

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