Ethical Roles In Ethical Decision Making

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SECTION 3: MAINTAINING ETHICAL STANDARDS 1. Ethical Decision Making Ethics are moral principles that guide a person's character. These morals are based on social norms, cultural practices and religious factors. Ethical decision making is the art of choosing from various alternatives keeping the moral principles in mind. All decisions have a simple reason behind them, i.e. they have an effect on others. Managers and leaders must know their own ethical and moral views so that they could rely on them during difficult situations. Ethical decisions can involve several factors. The field of ethics, also known as moral philosophy, states that there are a number of ways by which a right or wrong conduct can be classified. For example, from a consequentiality…show more content…
This responsibility is satisfied by assuring the employees of the company's ethical code and making sure that the employees are free to ask questions for clarification. It is their duty to respond as quickly as possible to make sure that impact of suspected ethical violation is minimized. They must make themselves available for employees who face ethical problems or suspect a moral misconduct. Managers are also responsible for upholding the ethical code in their own actions and deeds. They may also be duty-bound to follow a separate professional code of ethics, depending on their roles and responsibility. For example, fiduciary duty which requires to keep the interests of person higher in authority in mind and cannot benefit from his/her position as fiduciary. Managers may also be required to make adjustments to the company's ethical code. These changes could be on the basis of internal assessment of employees, for example, sometimes clarification could be required for some cases like nepotism, where managers favor their friends or family to give jobs, etc. On the other hand, rising public concerns or some external factors might also require the organization to make adjustments in the ethical of
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