Assumptions In The Play 'Post-It'

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“Post-Its” is a very unique form of play because of the way it is written. Post-Its is written very differently to the traditional play. A standard play simply has characters talking to one another however, in this play there are two characters reading messages from the past in a chronological order. Post-its offers many ideas such as significance, purpose, emotions, and assumptions, however what does it show when examined thoroughly? The purpose of a writing is very crucial to the author as well as the reader. When the author is developing his or her work he/she has to think, “Why am I writing this masterpiece?” There are three main purposes for a piece of writing and these are to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. To inform includes…show more content…
If authors did not make assumptions, text would be written at a child level and there would be thorough explanations of a subject at the beginning of the text. Gladly they do make assumptions, however what assumptions do Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman make toward the audience. Common assumptions that these two authors made include that the reader can read English and that they know what common citizen scenery is composed of. However there are other assumptions that they made that not every person might know about. These include post-its, certain medications, and understanding events surrounding a funeral. If the reader has no understanding of what post-its are it will seem as if the Actor and Actress and just simply spouting out information with no clear reason. If you do know what post-its are, you are able to realize that they have a chronological feel. Certain medications are displayed throughout the story such as Bengay, Dentrucreme, Viagra, and magnesia (Dooley and Holzman 1334). Without prior knowledge in these medications you are losing a part of the play that you may have found entertaining. In the final post-it written by Actor it describes multiple objects and actions surrounding a funeral (Dooley and Holzman 1334). Objects include flowers and lockets while actions include calling family members as well as thanking everyone who sent flowers (Dooley and Holzman 1334). If one does not know how the conventional funeral works they might think that Actress simply wanted some flowers to be sent to her. Assumptions can be helpful with advanced readers, but if one isn’t familiar with a certain culture they can be lost in the maze of

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