Analysis Of It's A Hip-Hop World By Jeff Chang

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In “It’s a Hip-Hop World,” Jeff Chang (2007) examines the evolution of hip-hop from a local form of resistance against authority to a global art of communication. With the help of the commercialization of the music industry, the author finds that the message of rap music has grown in terms of its appeal to the youth despite cultural and geographic barriers. Still, Chang (2007) notes that there is friction between the trend of hip-hop’s commercialization and hip-hop’s earlier and continuing role as the voice of the marginalized. Nevertheless, with the continued rise of hip-hop in the global echelon, hip-hop can still serve its original function by exposing local social issues to a worldwide audience. The article attempts to shed light on the…show more content…
Citing examples of prominent hip-hop artists who use hip-hop as their vehicle to rake in millions of dollars through product endorsements and other business deals, Chang (2007) notes that mainstream hip-hop has largely become “materialistic, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, vulgar, and violent” (p. 59). In essence, the article tries to stoke the emotions of readers by highlighting the offensive characteristics of mainstream hip-hop that strike the conscience of any morally upright individual. More importantly, the article attempts to highlight how hip-hop has turned into the oppressive monster that it previously sought to erase. This can make hip-hop enthusiasts rethink their appreciation of hip-hop in general. Thus, the article is able to present hip-hop in both its positive and negative light. This makes the article itself a fair analysis of the origins and future path of…show more content…
60). In other words, the commercialization of hip-hop is not a lost cause. Indeed, Chang (2007) notes that, while hip-hop has become part of mainstream culture, it remains “a voice for the oppressed, and a provocation to those in power” (p. 63). It is as if the article is emphasizing the potential of mainstream and commercialized hip-hop in granting a broader audience for the exposition of the social issues that continue to fuel hip-hop as a social movement. Once that potential is realized, it is possible for hip-hop to gain more traction in terms of followers and of influence in global and local

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