Assimilation Examples In Looking For Work

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There are many examples of assimilation in the four works studied, Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Soto’s “Looking for Work”, Four Rockwell paintings, and “Learning to Read,” Malcolm X and co – author Alex Haley. All of these examples can still help people understand assimilation today, because of such considerable work of the authors. Assimilation is a process that many groups’ people go through in order to fit into society. This process can be by force or because of the feeling of wanting to fit in with society. With this said many groups or immigrants have been assimilated into American culture. First, in Carlisle Indian Industrial School handout assimilation was very relevant, being that it was a school built in Carlisle, Pennsylvania specifically to assimilate Indian children in the late 1800 hundreds. The schools intention was to alter their beliefs of these Indian children and appropriate them with Christian beliefs. Also, they were to speak only English, and forced to forget their native…show more content…
Starting with the painting of the family preparing to eat dinner. I feel that Rockwell wanted this to be an example of the perfect American family eating a home cooked meal, with everyone being dressed nicely, assuming they all have well-paying jobs. The second painting on page 180 of a graduate, I feel Rockwell is telling people to go to school and graduate, whether it’s high school or college, because without a high school diploma or college degree life can difficult especially at the time of this painting. Also the third painting on page 181 of a little black girl walking with 4 black men marching is a painting that shows the wonderful assimilation of blacks into public schools in the 1960’s. The final painting on page 617 of a man voicing his opinion to his peers, I feel Rockwell is telling us not to be afraid of what others say about certain issues and hat our opinion matter

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