Mr. Hester's Classroom Observation

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1. What did you observe in Mr. Hester's classroom? The first thing that I observed is that Mr. Hester began his class by greeting students at the door and assigning them seats. I noticed that as he did this, he had an assignment ready for students to work on as they entered the room. I observed that Mr. Hester walked around the room next to students to check their progress on assigned tasks—giving them feedback accordingly. I noticed that Mr. Hester not only explained and taught his classroom procedures to students on the first day of class, but also had students practice the procedures. For instance, students were taught and practiced the proper way to turn in papers, get quiet, be dismissed, and what to do when the teacher is taking attendance. While doing this, I noticed that…show more content…
Hester used humor and made the activities fun. I observed that he had written out and verbally clarified the activities and homework for the day. In addition, I recognized that Mr. Hester exemplified kindness and consideration for his students by purchasing binders for those who could not afford it, and letting them know that he’s willing to talk with them. Moreover, he showed support for students by wanting to get to know them, for example, having them write letters about themselves. I observed that the students were given different way to complete this assignment—enabling students to make their own decision and have a level of say-so. The teacher also told the class about himself. Furthermore, I noticed that he was very clear in explaining and structuring all activities that he presented to the class. He interacted with students, kept them engaged, busy and actively participating throughout the duration of the class. At the end of the class, I noticed Mr. Hester addressing a student’s inappropriate behavior and not only explaining to her why the behavior was wrong and wouldn’t be tolerated, but he also encouraged her and let

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