Online Piracy In The United States

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Online Piracy People don’t realize that they commit the crime of online piracy, and not only in the United States, but all over the world. The United States isn’t even in the top ten countries for most online piracy, but that doesn’t mean that the this isn’t an issue. This is why the government is trying to “crack down” on people who are illegally downloading softwares on their computers. Many people argue that online piracy isn’t a wrong thing to do, but it still is a crime so that is why people should be prosecuted for online piracy. Just like other people, creators have to eat and pay for things like electric bills and water bills. Artists and creators live off of what they create, so if they don’t get enough money from it then they won’t be able to support themselves. This will just force them to stop making music because their income won’t be enough. If people actually like a creator's music then they will buy it so they can help support him to continue making music. The consequence for illegally downloading songs or any other files is an expensive fine, or even time in prison, so why not just pay the small amount for the song.…show more content…
People all over the world are getting their songs without their permission by downloading them illegally. Not only are people taking songs without the creator's permission, but they are also not giving credit. By actually paying for the song, people will give credit to the artist and creator and will legally have the song. Also by not giving credit to the creator or artist, people are making the economy worse. In 2010 the music industry lost millions of dollars due to the illegal downloading. If people were to get the songs legally or other files then the economy wouldn't be worsening every
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