The Mehrabian Theory: The Use Of Nonverbal Communication

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We use nonverbal communication in daily conversations. In Mehrabian theory, 38% of the conversation in meaning are conveyed in nonverbal communication. (A. Mehrabian. 1971) Nonverbal communication is an important element of conversation. Previous research on nonverbal communication is abundant. Research in this area usually analyze conversational interactions. For example, (Bortfeld, Leon, Bloom, Schober, & Brennan, 2001) examine disfluency (an interruption in the smooth flow of speech) and fillers (like uh, you know, like, hmm) may be a resource for or a consequence of interpersonal coordination. Murata (1994) examined interruption. Murata classified interruptions into two types: co-operative and intrusive. Intrusive Interruptions are…show more content…
He previously worked as a narrative filmmaker and music video director. The second person who uses nonverbal communication is Ned Fulmer. He is a Development Partner at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. The third person who uses nonverbal communication is Keith Habersberger. He is a junior video producer at BuzzFeed. The fourth person who uses nonverbal communication is Zach Kornfeld. He is a producer, writer, director, and actor for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. The third video Bitch On The Move Ep. 3 involves two women and a man. The hosts of the video is Michelle Khare, who appears in the first video. The second person who use nonverbal communications is Dot McDonald. She is actress. The third person who use nonverbal communication is Nick Guillory. He is Social Media Strategist at BuzzFeed Tasty. My general brief about the gender is social constructionism and in my research, I will try to show how nonverbal communication works in conversation. In order to do so, I will use signals. Murata (1994) explains how interruptions used within the system of turn-taking. In terms of gender, I will analyze how men and women…show more content…
As the analysis shows that men use nonverbal communication as a means of merely insisting his state of mind and they don’t want others to have empathy and women use nonverbal communication as a means to have and show empathy. In the first video, the male-only situation, men just show their state of mind by using nonverbal communications and didn’t much care about what others say. Also, they didn’t say something empathetic to other guys. In the second video, the female-only situation, women show empathy to other women. By using nonverbal communication, they show empathy to other women and share emotions with other women. In the third- video, the mixed-sex situation, women try to show empathy even to men. However, men aren’t so empathetic to others not only in the male-only discourse but also in the mixed-sex

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