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March 25, 2016 Art Work Bridggette Hambrick During this lesson, I learned that Art plays a very important role in learning about a person. As soon as I was ask to draw a picture, and a vision I went to my sad place. When someone draws a picture it can be their story in which they are struggling to accept; hence artwork can be incredibly insightful when working with clients. In my situation, I drew a picture of the issue I thought I had, but during the session I realized it was with myself where I needed to begin. Furthermore, I made myself sick worrying that I would embarrass myself by crying; therefore I left Saturday evening with a headache, and a stomach ache. When I got back to the hotel Saturday night I told myself I would go first when…show more content…
The video by Dr. Karen Purvis hit home with me, not only do I work with children that are foster children with traumatic histories I have children. These methods are so important in a child’s life that has been in a hard place. There are five principles used in the TBRI program. First, is matching, if a child is sitting on the floor with their legs crossed the parent needs to get into the floor with their legs crossed; mirroring the child. Second, is matching the child’s behavior; therefore if the child is sitting in the floor playing with blocks the parent gets into the floor and plays with blocks with the child. Third, is playful engagement, the goal of the TBRI is to engage with children with playfulness as much as possible. When a parent is using playfulness the child let’s go of fear and they learn to trust. The fourth principle is eye contact; in communicating with a person eye contact is essential. During eye contact a lot can be felt when looking at a person’s face and eyes. The fifth principle is safe touch, which is a consistent and affectionate touch. The touch is an important connection between the parent and the child. Last, is the voice; whenever speaking to a child that has been in a hard place use a swift melodic, sweet, slightly higher pitched
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