Art Analysis: Carnation Lily Rose

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Dawn Mcclendon Professor Mcfarland ArtHIST 1 April 2015 “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose “ John Singer Sargent can paint both real life paintings as well as scenery. Overall he can do multiple styles of works. But his greatest success was showcased in London 1885 the painting Carnation Lily, Lily Rose at the Royal Academy. A mixture of Impressionism, Asthetisicism and the Oriental. His style is both realistic and unrealistic. This piece showcases that style of his best with its both real and yet distorted look. Largely the size of 68.5 inches in length and 60 in width. The piece shows two children playing in a garden. Sir Edmund Grosse, remarked at the time towards the artwork that it was an exciting interest to the little artist colonies entirely.…show more content…
But at the exact moment, which of course came a minute or two earlier each evening, the game was stopped, and the painter was accompanied to the scene of his labors. Instantly, he took up his place at a distance from the canvas, and at a certain notation of the light ran forward over the lawn with the action of a wag-tail, planting at the same time rapid dabs of paint on the picture, and then retiring again, only with equal suddenness to repeat the wag-tail action. All this occupied but two or three minutes, the light rapidly declining, and then while he left the young ladies to remove his machinery, Sargent would join us again, so long as the twilight permitted, in a last turn at lawn tennis"…show more content…
Impressionism created around the same time focuses on the mood of the work and the emotions it evokes. Sargent's use and main subject in the painting isn’t the two girls featured but the light which flickers from within bright lanterns held by the children. The focus of the painting to be on light instead of on the subjects was completely opposite to realistic painter. And really was the key point to Impressionism and Aesthetes being in the work as the faces of the two young girls in the painting are simple blurs almost doll like objects. Giving the image its peaceful Aesthetic feel as the light lavender colors and illuminating reflection off light play left and right of the image. The impressionistic ambience of the painting night sky and use of Aestheticism really highlight the paintings use of Oriental themes. Such as the use of the flowers by the girls feet being small then becoming larger and larger as the viewer’s eyes move up the painting creating depth also the use of paper lanterns and the quick strokes to give the faint image of flower. further the effect of the work and how it draws on a number of current

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