Georgia O Keeffe's Raccoon Faunascape

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Raccoon Faunascape is an acrylic-water color combination painting of a raccoon with a scene derived from nature on the inside. The eyes of the raccoon and marks of fur are still included. However, the body of the animal is majorly comprised of the nature scene. My love for animals, raccoons being my favorite, as well as nature inspired this idea, causing it to be representational. The colors are very natural and realistic. Primarily including, greens, browns, and blues. The raccoon’s head is primarily brown, being the realistic aspect of the painting. Meanwhile, the body is clearly surreal with the nature scene being the body versus fur. This nature scene is comprised of a vast lake with various values of blue to show depth. The mountains in…show more content…
Claude Monet’s Water Lilies is very similar to the appearance of the scenery I painted within the raccoon. The lines are implied versus contour in my artwork as well as in Water Lilies. However, the colors in Monet’s artwork are of high saturation while those in mine are of low saturation and have darker hues. Georgia O’Keeffe is very famous for her naturalistic paintings as well and a tremendous inspiration. She used different values of paint to emphasis deep space in the mountains of White Palace as I did in Raccoon Faunascape. Viewing pieces from both of the artists inspire ideas for many of my art works, as well as the reason I find nature and animal pieces so aesthetically pleasing. Lake George by Georgia O’Keeffe in 1922 looks strikingly similar to the lake and mountain portion of my painting as well, without even seeing the artwork before I created mine. Artworks such as this one inspired my thought of creating a reflection of the mountains inside the lake to add realism and quality to my…show more content…
My supplies consisted of a white 7x9 piece of thick watercolor paper, acrylic and watercolor paint, various brushes, watercolor pencils, water, a paper towel, and a paint tray. The masterpiece I created is relatively small because I was considering doing three more comprised of different animals and putting them together as one large masterpiece. I began by drawing the raccoon’s outline with watercolor pencil as well as the outline of its eyes, mouth, nose, and other features. Next, I used blue watercolor (very diluted with water) paint as a base color for the body and painted the scenery within solely using watercolor paint. I began with the lake, using a blending technique to create depth within the different values of blue. Next, I painted the mountains, using darker values than I did in the lake. The mountains consisted of dark browns and purples with smaller mountains in the back due to their distance in relation to one another. The reflection in the lake of the mountains was done next so that I could mimic the size and color. However, I used lighter values of purple and brown in the shadow, with less detailing. Watercolor paint was used to begin blending the fur in with the scenery around the neck as well as the legs of the raccoon in order to create unity with the raccoon and it’s inner scene. Acrylic paint was only used for the nose, eyes, part of the ears, and feet. I went back and detailed various pieces of

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