Eldorado Poem Analysis Essay

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The world is full of mystery, and there are many places that some people believe it has been lost in time or forgotten in history. We learn about these lost places in this world, like Atlantis or Camelot from books that we read, but some people believe that they are just legends or cannot be found. On the other hand, some of these places can be rediscovered by people who traveled so far to seek these lost places and what happened to them, like Great Zimbabwe, Xanadu, and Mycenae. Furthermore, it shows the ideas of having the perseverance and the faith for people to do the impossible even if they don't succeed. In Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "Eldorado," the speaker tells about a knight's journey throughout his lifetime: the knight is searching for…show more content…
The poet uses a metaphor in line 3 between the sunshine and the shadow in his poem. It’s contradicting between the understanding lighter and darker places of the poem. Also, it explains that the knight travels through the day and shadowy places. He stated lines 4-6 that the knight is taking a long journey to find the lost city of Eldorado and the treasure that buried in the city, and he’s traveling very happy as well as he’s singing a song. Therefore, it serves a moment of having a good time in traveling was like for us when we are traveling to different…show more content…
Moreover, it describes that the shadow did not give the direct answer to the knight about Eldorado and how to find it. The shadow guides the knight to find Eldorado by telling him to ride over the Mountains of the Moon and down the Valley of the Shadow. Some of these terms and words from the fourth stanza express a metaphor between different places that the shadow is guiding the knight. The Mountains of the Moon are metaphors that describe the difference in the mountain from the land and the moon in space. From similar legend, people believe that the Mountains of the Moon are the eastern side of the equator around Africa or close to the country of Uganda and Congo. For one reason, people called it The Mountain of the Moon because it has white snow-capped around the mountain range. Also in present-day, some people believe it’s similar to the Rwenzori Mountains. Anyway, the Valley of the Shadow is also another metaphor for the valley and the shadow, and the valley most likely related to death itself. The Valley of the Shadow is a little more like abstract than a real place. The phrase “ The Valley of the Shadow” is an allusion and from the Bible and the Book of Psalms that tells us the theme of God as

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