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Has anyone ever wondered what goes through a depressed teenagers’ mind? Every single teenager has something different going through their minds, but depressed teens always have negative thoughts running through their head. Depressed teenagers may sometimes look happy on the outside, but on the inside, they’re always down on themselves for a different reason every single day. It may be hard for these teens to open up to someone about the condition that they’re going through so people need to find out as much information as they can to be aware of what it is. To understand teenage depression in more depth, learning about the history, different forms of depression, all of the signs and symptoms found in teens, the suicide rates among teens,…show more content…
Types of depression can be classified as either “normal” or “abnormal” depression. Normal depression can be caused by obvious stress, which could be the death of a loved one or a recent breakup. Abnormal depression is caused by stress that isn’t as noticeable, meaning mentally, physically, and/or emotionally (Olshan 30). Certain types of depression can occur in episodes by only happening once or twice or they can be constant throughout a person’s life (31). These types can include melancholia, major depressive disorder, and bipolar illness which is also known as manic-depression (32, 35). Aaron Beck stated in his book that there are five basic components to a major depressive disorder. He said that they are, “1. A specific changing in a person’s mood: being sad one minute and then happy the next. 2. A negative self-concept that can lead to self-blame. 3. People may have regressive wishes: wanting to hide, escape, or even die. 4. Vegetative changes: anorexia or insomnia. 5. Change in activity level: slowing up (retardation) or anxiety (31). There are three “degrees” of major depressive disorders: subacute major depressive disorder, acute major depressive disorder, and depressive stupor (33). There are also two main types of severe depression: major depressive disorder and bipolar depression

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