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Human Growth and Development: Field Experience Report 2B Dakota Weston, Kyla Oudshoorn, Meghan Ryan Aims Community College In today’s day and age, it is hard to entertain a child without simply plopping them in front of a television. Most parents these days feel as though this is the only way they can ever get anything done. Our younger generations are viewing multiple hours of television a day, but what exactly are they watching? It is important for parents to view the current shows on TV in order to determine if this kind of material is what they want going into their children’s minds. There is a quote that says, “More is caught than taught to a child,” and many people do not realize this. A child will learn more from what…show more content…
Channel Doc Mcstuffins is a children’s program about a nurturing little girl named Dottie “Doc” Mcstuffins. The program airs between 8:30 and 9:30am every morning of the week, each episode running about 40 minutes. Doc Mcstuffins is a Disney Junior show that has been running since March of 2012 and is a loved and cherished program by many. Doc is an adorable African American 6 year old who spends her time taking care of her toys and stuffed animals in her backyard playhouse clinic. When Doc puts on her stethoscope, something magical happens; all her toys come to life and she can communicate with them just like a real doctor and patient. I have always loved that they made her African American because it really shows gender equality. It makes me wonder how someone from even the mid-1900’s would react to the show. Like any doctor, Doc has a number of assistants who help her around the clinic and seem to be her favorites. The stuffed animals who assist Doc include a very talkative dragon with a big ego whose name is Stuffy, a cuddle little lamb with a big heart named Lambie, and a caring hippo nurse with a bossy nature named…show more content…
These days it is hard to find children’s shows that are suitable and do not emphasize stereotypes or teach children inappropriate ideas. Doc Mcstuffins is one of the few that I have seen that are purely educational and have good intensions. This is a show that exhibits prosocial behaviors such as nurturance, acceptance, problem solving, and honesty. The few times aggressive behaviors occur, there are always consequences for the characters no matter their gender. When Doc disobeys her parents, they take something away or send her to her room; when one of her toys hurts another, Doc teaches them a lesson about

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