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Before discussing arguments for and against ADOTTI a brief indication for the rise in demand for ADOTTI to be legalised will be presented. I will look at the background that has given rise to the perceived need to practise euthanasia today. How this impacts on all of us; personally, sociologically, morally, ethically, legally and medically. Paul Badham’s book “Is there a Christian Case for Assisted Dying” (2009) will form much of the core of material in this section with regard to arguments for ADOTTI. Arguments against ADOTTI in this section will be drawn predominantly from Alan Verhey’s book “Reading the Bible in the Strange World of Medicine” (2003) [although only quoted later in the paper] and internet sources, the core of those being…show more content…
What drives the majority of people to call for intervention that requires the need to end life in what they feel are circumstances of unnecessary suffering resulting from terminal illnesses? Many of whom experience terminal illness coupled with the physical limitations that occur at the onset of old age. In some countries polls indicate as much as 80% of their populations are in favour of Active Euthanasia. Badham (2009) attributes this shift to two major factors 1. The advancements, especially in first world countries, in comfortable living such as in-house and improved sanitation and central heating, improved nutrition, coupled with technological and medical advancements. (E.g. People no longer have to brave the cold to visit the toilet or collect wood for fires around which they huddle to keep warm) 2. Our increasing autonomy regarding our life’s decisions, where we live, how we are educated, how we live, whom and how we worship – if at all - and this freedom of choice should therefore “extend to choosing the moment at which to abandon the struggle against terminal illness and to seek assistance to die” (Badham 2009). Implied in that is the right to die with…show more content…
Christians are often cited as the smallest minority crying ‘foul’ with the loudest voice, to be joined by other faiths riding on the wave of conservatism. As if ADOTTI is the sole domain of liberal secularism. Although most churches at doctrinal and regulatory levels are still inclined to oppose ADOTTI they do recognise the need to engage openly on all levels, biblical and others, in the debate. Recognising that within the churches themselves there are differences of opinions on the issues. Rev. Dr. Brendan McCarthy, Medical Ethics and Health and Social Care Policy Adviser for the Church of England acknowledges

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