Physician Assisted Suicide Argumentative Essay

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In order to create a discussion about the idea of physician-assisted suicide, one must choose a side in the debate and develop an ethical and moral choice. The difficulty in deciding how to frame this discussion, however, is in the rhetoric and language with which it is discussed. The name of the topic by itself is a problem. It is termed physician-assisted suicide, automatically assuming all of the implications that the word suicide provides. The concept of assisted suicide when done with the purpose of speeding up the inevitable where disease has already prepared the body for death should become a part of a the standard for care that is given to individuals who wish to avoid the pain of disease, the loss of mental facilities when dying, or…show more content…
In addition, there are ways to induce sleep or coma so that suffering is not felt or experienced by the patient, thus early death is not necessary. An additional argument against assisted suicide is made in regard to the public good. Rae (2009) suggests that in sanctioning assisted suicide, the social implications are far too dangerous in balance with the individual autonomy or individual good that can be accomplished. In sanctioning the right to die, society is then devaluing human life. The idea that has been promoted suggests that in providing positive consequences for the individual, one may not be promoting the overall good of society; therefore the deontological morality is violated. The morality of the event is not related to the consequences of the action, thus just because assisted suicide provides a positive outcome for the individual, it is immoral as it affects the philosophically established morality of society. This brings to the discussion is that in opening the door to assisted suicide for those who agree to the procedure, it allows physicians to kill those who are terminally ill, but not able or willing to give consent. In other words, if the legality of assisted suicide is made available, it will encourage the use of murder to end the suffering or to terminate patients who are terminally

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