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Biography: Al Capone On January 17, 1899 Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York to Teresa and Gabriel Capone, and was one of eight. Prior to Al’s birth, his family had emigrated from Italy to the United States in 1893. The Capone family was not wealthy, lived average, and followed all the laws. The tenement that the family lived in was a cheap and filthy, located near the Navy Yard. Capone went through Catholic schooling, where he began to exhibit angry behavior. The faculty were extremely strict and cruel which shaped his hostile ways. By the time Al was fourteen he created the Navy Street Gang in efforts to stop harassment of Italian women. He was also kicked out of school for hitting a female teacher. After that episode, he never went back to school and began to downward spiral from that point on. While working some…show more content…
While alcohol was banded, Capone found a way to make boat loads of money off of alcoholic beverages that all still wanted while it was illegal. Despite his dangerous, slick, and convict ways, Al enjoyed various sporting events, golfing, boxing, gambling, horse or dog races and messing around with many women. Without Capone’s existence, the government would have a difficult time cracking down on convicts like him, and would be naive to how the mob operates. Although Scarface was one of America’s Most Wanted, he did take out plenty of perilous people that authorities may not have been able to eliminate themselves. During that time period, many Americans were out of jobs and did not have enough money to feed themselves or their families, so Capone created one of the first soup kitchens to help out the community. Without the contribution of the soup kitchen many more Americans would have suffered or even died, and this gave others with money the idea to help those in need by opening up more soup

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